Asian wedding photography

Covering a wedding is a huge undertaking and being a hired as a wedding photographer is tough job. Always on the run, carrying many heavy lenses and camera bodies  can be a truly stressful endeavor. But we love it. It never gets boring, hence why we always take great photos.

Aside from being creative monsters, we are always approachable and easy to talk to. Why? Simple, we know what you desire in the finished product. We always keep in the front of our minds that the photos we take are not only precious works of art; they are treasures of one of the most memorable events of your life. Asian wedding photography is a passion, but more importantly, a passion that we can share with you.

At Surindera Studios, our experience, creativity and eye for detail ensure that we are always ready to capture the best angle, the best memory but most importantly the best story, that each moment provides on your special day. Please browse our portfolio of photographs, as you will see, we will photograph the best of your wedding day.