Christian Wedding Videography, Photography and Cinematography

Whether you are Roman Catholic or Protestant, of mixed faith or divorced, the individual priest will have a big part to play in the structure of a christian wedding and forthcoming nuptials. Services in both churches are quite similar. A christian wedding ceremony involves hymns, readings, prayers, a sermon, an exchange of vows and rings, and the signing of the register, for both roman catholics and protestants . Many couples opt not to include mass, but if they do it means the service could last about an hour. Otherwise services in both churches generally last about half an hour. A Christian marriage usually recieves some form of blessing; the wedding ceremony typically includes some sort of pledge by the community to support the couple’s relationship.

A proud father wiping a tear from his eye as he hands his beautiful daughter to her Groom in a traditional Christian wedding ceremony , whether it takes place in an Orthodox, Catholic or contemporary Church, creates a christian wedding video that will last a lifetime. The exchange of rings, the personal vows and deep emotions encapsulate some of the most intimate we have ever filmed here at Surindera studios. As professional, disciplined and hard working wedding videographers we have worked on many different styles of weddings in the past. So no matter what the wedding, be it a christian wedding video or any other kind of video, we will always produce , with you for you.

If you have a christian wedding, we also have the necessary wedding photography skills and capabilities. Take a look at our gallery to get a flavour and understading of our work, and what we can therefore do for you. To go hand in and with your christian wedding video, our christian wedding photography will capture those incredible proceedings forever-the people, the setting, the detail, the prie, the jou and laughter. Our wedding videographer will quietly and creatively document everything at your christian wedding as it naturally unfolds-form those unseen moments to those unforgettable moments.