Jewish Wedding Videography, Photography and Cinematography

While a Jewish wedding ceremony varies, common features of a Jewish wedding include a ketuba signed by two witnesses, a wedding chuppah , a ring owned by the groom that is given to the bride under the chuppah, and the breaking of a glass. Usually, a Jewish wedding ceremony process has two distinct stages: kidushin (engagement) and nissuin (marriage), which begins the life of the couple together. The first stage forbids the woman to all other men, requiring a religious divorce to end it, and the final stage entitles the couple to each other. kiddushin occurs when the woman accepts a ring or other object of value with the intent of creating a marriage. The ceremony that signifies nisuin is known as chuppah. Our jewish wedding videogeaphy and photography skillset ensure your simcha is achieved.

The sound of the Chatan stomping and breaking of the glass signifies the end of the jewish wedding ceremony . sTarting with the Ketubah signing, to the Rabbi’s Hebrew prayers, the Cantor singing the Sheva Berachot and the Bridal Couple lifted high on chairs during the Hora – a Jewish wedding is one of the most emotional event that can be filmed. A jewish wedding video contains many unique elements, and with our special skillset, we will strive to capture a modern jewisj wedding video yet reflecting traditional and important values and customs. Understanding the importance of every detail, if the jewish wedding is to take place in a synagogue or simply a hotel, we respectfully record every important bit. We have the ability to film both a orthodox and reformed wedding, allowing us to create a outstanding piece of jewish wedding video.