Muslim Wedding Videography, Photography and Cinematography

A muslim marriage is considered to be a social activity as well as an act of worship . A muslim marriage ceremony (called Al Nikah) begins with an address of a marriage sermon by the officiator, who can be any worthy Muslim. The sermon invites the bride and groom, as well as their guests, to a life of piety, mutual love, kindness and social responsibility. Beginning with the praise of Allah, His help and guidance is sought. This is followed by the Muslim confession of faith and an exchange of vows. The officiator concludes the ceremony with prayer for the bride, groom and their respective families, the local Muslim community and the Muslim community at large . After the consummation of the muslim marriage, the groom holds a celebration banquet called a walima.

When shooting a muslim wedding video ,our aim is to capture the atmosphere and event in all it’s glory , capturing the excellent detail on show, and making sure to take in the rich vibrant colors on display including the buzz of excitement all around. Our hunger for making great muslim wedding videos means we update to the latest and best technology, where and when needed .If you’re in search of a leading muslim wedding videographer , Surindera studios is always for you. We always aim for the top, so your muslim wedding video is bound to impress and entertain. As with all our wedding videography, we take great pride in producing something you’ll love.

Also, do remember that we provide expert muslim wedding photography. Whether its traditional reportage style or a more Informal style of wedding photography, our team of professional Muslim wedding photographers get those natural looking moments on still easily. The best type of muslim wedding photography or any for that matter, is one were the photographer blends into the background almost becoming invisible. This allows the subject matter to relax and be their natural selves. Our photography is built on this premise, we become just another person in your muslim wedding and capture special and spontaneous scenes as they progress.

Capturing years and years of weddings has resulted in us developing the right knowledge for shooting the next wedding. This ensure that we capture the moment the best we can, from a view that you will be blown away by. To reiterate, we have a photography and videography packages to suit all of your needs. Muslim weddings, like any other asian wedding, can be very hectic . So we make sure that our photographers and videographers will capture the key moments. depending on the the package you chose, we can cover both sides of the bride and the groom, which means that it is all captured and edited by us. We have all the latest gear, such as sliders, cranes and full frame dslrs. For our videography packages we provide 3 different levels : elegance, grand feature and the epic. with each package, we provide additional and unique features. With our photography packages we have gold and diamond packages. We make sure that each key stage of the muslim wedding is captured,  be it at the groom/bride house, to the exchange of vows between bride and groom under the eye of allah or the walima that follows the best standard according to your package requirements. We will look after you on your special day.