Sikh Wedding Videography and Photography

The sikh wedding, more than a physical , a legal contract , but a act of completion, that of a holy union between two souls. The wedding, known as “Anand Karaj”, meaning blissful union, is a colourful, unique and eventful day. Even though each sikh wedding ceremony is unique, the overall tone is the same. The main wedding day begins with preparations at home followed by the departure of the groom’s side to meet the bride’s family at the Gurdwara. Once there, a Ardas is performed followed by the Milni. Once everyone enters the darbal hall, shabads are sung. Soon the bride joins her groom and sits down besides him after which the rest of the ceremony continues to unfold. The 4 laava are performed, an ardas and distribution of parshad follows.

Sikh/Punjabi wedding videos are some of the most colourful, wondrous and memorable that are filmed, and here at “Surindera Studios ” we aim to capture a sikh wedding video that your family can enjoy again and again. Like other asian weddings, a traditional sikh wedding is a day not just of a spiritual evolvement, but a day of new beginnings, creating new memories and everlasting relationships. Our sound knowledge and vast experience ensure that we capture those amazing camera angles, those ecstatic emotions and those joyful tears meaning a sikh wedding ceremony to remember for eternity.

Not only do we create a great sikh wedding video, we will also shoot, capture and create fantastic sikh wedding photography. Our sikh wedding photographer works hard to capture the pictures that you want to see, that you want to remember and that you will want to hang on your wall at home. Again, our huge knowledge and vast experience ensures that we take the best pictures every time, all the time. So for you sikh wedding video and sikh wedding photography needs, look no further then Surindera Studios

Over the years we have gained the experience of capturing a vast range of weddings, which allows to have the knowledge of what to expect and are aware what each ceremony will consist of, therefore we are always ready for the next thing to happen and how to best capture it, without this knowledge we would be lost, which would effect capturing the moment in our creative style. To reiterate, we have a photography and videography packages to suit all of your needs. Sikh weddings, like any other asian wedding, can be very hectic . So we make sure that our photographers and videographers will capture the key moments. depending on the the package you chose, we can cover both sides of the bride and the groom, which means that it is all captured and edited by us. We have all the latest gear, such as sliders, cranes and full frame dslrs. For our videography packages we provide 3 different levels : elegance, grand feature and the epic. with each package, we provide additional and unique features. With our photography packages we have gold and diamond packages. We make sure that each key stage of the sikh wedding, be it at the groom/bride house, to the meeting and exchange of garlands at the gurudwara, the procession of the 4 laavaa and the after party are captured to the best standard according to your package requirements. We will look after you on your special day.