The Team

Shaminder Balrai

Naturally, Shaminder was born into a world of photography and videography.  Having gained years of experience working at various weddings in his youth, he went onto graduating in Film and Television. It was after Film School that Shaminder really found himself excelling as he went on to produce many music videos for well known artists, and TV production for the likes B4U, Zee TV, UTV Motion Pictures, MTV, BBC, ITV, MTV, Zoom TV, AVS and so forth…

Shaminder’s natural talent fused with his hunger to continuously innovate and use his creativty has meant that he is one of a rare breed that is sought after for both his videography and photography skills. However his biggest gift is being able to work naturally with a bride and groom at a wedding and capture emotions and moments that others overlook.


Gurmej Pawar

Unlike any other videography companies in the UK, Surindera Studios in conjunction with Wedding Presenter Videography, are able to offer you the option of having a professional TV presenter to tell the story as part of the package.

Gurmej will conduct behind the scene interviews with your guests that add a little more spice to what will already be a masterful piece of work.

So apart from getting a cultured, experienced, technically skilled, innovative, cutting edge, and unique creative team of photographers and videographers with you, you can also opt to have a TV presenter who has presented on Channel 4, BBC2 and B4U.


The Soul Of Surindera Studios

This is our in house crew of cameramen, photographers and editors.
All of our staff share the same passion as Shaminder, who has bought together the finest team in order to obtain the level of work he produces.

Shaminder works very closely to his staff, overlooking each individual project step by step.