Asian Wedding Photography London At Its Finest

Weddings are a great way for professional photographers to capture every special moment. Asian weddings usually take place in a setting among some of the most popular Asian religions, more importantly of those a part of the Hindu and Sikh religion. Like every wedding, capturing the moments are guaranteed make the memories last a lifetime. Most wedding photographers often take pictures of the bride and groom with their respected family members and the wedding party. Photographers also take sets of photos of the bride and groom. Each set of photos include a number of couples poses such as “the dip”, “eskimo kisses”, and “sharing secrets.” With asian wedding photography in London, there is a lot for the photographer to consider.

With Asian weddings, photographs can also capture the certain rituals of these weddings. Photographers who are hired to take pictures must get to know the certain customs of each wedding. For example, an Indian wedding has certain customs that a photographer should not miss. Prior to Indian weddings, both the bride and groom have separate events before the ceremony could take place. It is recommended that two photographers should be able to capture these moments at each event.

At an Indian wedding, there are special events that take place. First is the barat. The barat is an event in which the groom is brought in a procession along with his family. Most of these barats have a live band playing music as the procession moves towards the wedding venue. This is followed by the VarMala. This event takes place when the bride and groom exchange garlands of flowers on the mandap. The “mandap” is the equivalent to an altar. The Mangal-Sutra is the Indian equivalent to a traditional ring exchange. The Kanya Daan is when the bride’s family hands over the bride to the groom’s family. This ends with the Bidaai, an event where the groom leads the bride to his home. This event is considered a moving and emotional event. It should also be noted that Indian wedding proceedings go forward at a relentless pace, so the photographers must be alert.

It is important for photographers to be sharp and on time when it comes to capturing the perfect moment. Asian wedding photography and traditional wedding photography may differ. When it comes to various customs, there is never time to pause just so the photographer can take the perfect picture.

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