How To Organise Your Wedding Photography

You have to decide whether to hire a professional photographer to do your wedding photography or to have someone in the family or a friend do it for you. Most couples decide to hire a professional for the big day despite the expense but it is important to create a budget for the entire wedding including the photographer. Agree the budget for your wedding photography before hand and meet and get to know him or her. See examples of their previous work and check out their testimonials. Make sure you book professional photographers well in advance as their annual schedule tends to get booked up. Check when the best date for the wedding is and book the wedding with the church or registry office. Depending on the wedding , there are many differences between asian and british weddings that your photographer should know about. Good planning and organization is at the heart of successful wedding photography and the wedding and reception afterwards. You can also check out weather forecasts for the great day. Heavy rain showers do not make for good wedding photography.

Make sure you brief your photographer about the kind of photographs you want taken and who the key family and friends are to be photographed in both the bride and grooms family. Appoint someone (usually the best man) to gather people together for the photographs and to coordinate and control the photographing schedule during the wedding. He should inform family members and guests when they are going to be called forward to be photographed. He should also ensure the professional photographer is able to complete his shots with the minimum of interference from other guests who may be taking their own shots of the wedding. The differences between Asian and British weddings.

Break it down to the arrival, walking down the aisle, the wedding ceremony and presentation of the ring and kiss and the return down the aisle as a married couple. Make sure to also include the photographs from outside the church (or registry office if there is no church ceremony), the reception and lunch and the departure of the bride and groom.  Make a list of those to be photographed and incorporate it into the wedding photography schedule. If it is quite a large occasion then consider having a second photographer so that it’s not all left to one person. You may also want a video of the wedding.

When you come to sort the hundreds of photographs for the wedding you need to sort out the photos and create categories such as bride and groom, bride’s mother and father, bride groom’s parents, best man, bridesmaids, friends and so on, including photos of the wedding gifts; useful when you have to write thank you letters afterwards.

You may decide to dispense with a traditional photo album and have a disk instead which you can use to send out edited photos to family and friends ensuring that the relevant photographs are sent out. Email may be unromantic but it is definitely more effective than post nowadays and you can sort out who is going to receive certain photos, which are more relevant to them.

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