London Wedding Photography

The wedding day is a day of happiness and joy. Unfortunately, for many brides and grooms, it can also be a day of stress. In many cases, there is so much going on that the day becomes a blur for the happy couple. This is what makes the wedding photographer such an important decision. The wedding photographer is not only tasked with capturing the static moments of the day, such as the flowers and table settings, but more importantly, they have to be able to capture the feeling of the day’s special moments, so the couple can look back at the pictures and remember their special day.

To help find the right photographer, keep in mind that London wedding photography generally falls into three categories: Traditional, photojournalistic, and balanced. A traditional wedding photographer does all the typical shots; posed wedding party, parents, the couple leaving the reception… This photographer will spend the day arranging people and items to get specific photographs. The photos can look posed like portraits or stylized, depending on the photographers.

London wedding photography that is photojournalistic has a candid feel to it. The photographer will almost never ask the couple, wedding party, or guest to pose. All of the photographs will be spontaneous, or images that occurred naturally. This sort of photography can make for some fun pictures but there is no guarantee the wedding couple will get pictures they are looking for, such as a group in-law photo or a shot of the flower girl and ring-bearer together.

A wedding photographer who uses the balanced approach will capture both traditional and photojournalistic shots. With a balanced wedding photographer, you can give them a list of poses or group photos you want and the photographer will make sure to get them as well as many spontaneous shots.

When you are contemplating London wedding photography, think about the three styles and the feel of your wedding. If your wedding is black tie, a traditional wedding photographer who does artistic posed photographs may be more appropriate than a photojournalistic wedding photographer. For a festive, outdoor wedding, a balanced or photojournalistic photographer may be better able to capture the fun and laid back feel of the wedding day than a traditional photographer. Keep in mind also, someone who specialises in asian wedding photography may be a better consideration for someone who specialises in western/christian weddings.

To find a wedding photographer that will suit your style, first think about your friends’ weddings. If you have a friend whose wedding style is similar to yours, ask them how they felt about their wedding photographer or flip through their wedding album to see if the photographer took the sort of pictures you want taken at your wedding. You can also search different photographer’s websites. Keep in mind that you are hiring the photographer for their photography skills and not their website, so do not select a photographer because they have the best site, select one whose portfolio most closely aligns with the pictures you want of your special day.

To save money, it can be tempting to hire someone who is a part-time photographer, but photography is the one wedding budget item you do not want to skimp on. At the end of the day, these photographs will be your only mementos of the day. They will be the pictures you share with friends and family and look back on through the years so you want them to be beautiful and professionally done.

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