The Differences between Asian and British weddings

In Asian culture, weddings are celebrated very colorfully. In china a red wedding gown is traditional. It represents joy and luck so it is used to adorn weddings in a lot of different ways not limited to the color of just the dress. There is also a tea ceremony in order to honor the couples’ ancestral heritage. In Japan they have what is known as a sake ceremony to bind the families together just as the couple will be bound in matrimony. Indonesian receptions can have huge guest lists in the thousands and traditionally the bride and groom greet each one before the party begins. In Indian weddings color is a big factor. The ceremonies can last for days at a time prolonging the joy. Henna tattoos on the feet of the bride and groom is a nice tradition in India as well, some of the guests even come with henna tattoos. Each is unique and has a beautiful design. They also wash the bride and groom’s feet with water and milk mixtures in order to purify them. It is symbolic of washing them clean to start their new lives together. The couple also holds leaves, rice and grain as a symbol of wealth, health and happiness. While every country has their own traditions and little rituals for wedding the common thread is the thought of a new beginning together in their new life as a couple.

In British culture, before getting married, the couple posts an announcement called the banns to let everyone know they intend to get married. This is for legal purposes so that if either is already married someone can say so before the wedding. Much like American weddings the bride and groom include close friends and family in the wedding as bride’s maids and groom’s men. The ceremony is preformed a lot like an American one.  The father of the bride gives her away to start the ceremony. White is traditional for the brides dress too. Horse drawn carriages are still used a lot in British wedding for the bride’s arrival. The man waits for her at the altar and she comes in after everyone else just as it is in America. The wedding march is also the same. The wedding then proceeds as they exchange vows in front of all of the people that mean something to them. Then the rings, usually plain gold, are exchanged to one another. It is worn on the ring ringer, named that because people used to believe that a vein ran from the heart to the third finger on the left hand, now known to be a false assumption. Then photos are taken to commemorate the occasion. So while weddings in Great Britain are a lot like American traditional weddings Asia has a lot of different and colorful traditions filled with symbolism for the couple and their new life together, but regardless the colour and look will be amazing once the video has been edited. The more you look at the differences between Asian and British weddings, the more similarities you see  between them.

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