What to Expect From the Photographer on Your Wedding Day

On your wedding day things are always very crazy and intense. People tend to feel a lot of stress about all of the details right up until they get to the aisle. A lot of the day can be kind of a blur for some people but it is always amazing. Most people do everything that they can in order to make this day their perfect wedding day and a perfect memory. What better way to remember it than to have lot of photographs of the whole event? But what to expect from the photographer on your wedding day?

The photographer should always be there but never be in the way. He should photograph everything that may seem even the least bit important. It is best to have him take a lot of candid shots. Make it clear that he is to take as many as possible so that you can pick and choose later which you want for you album and to give to friends and family. Having this option may cost more but if something happens that you weren’t expecting but want to remember when you are old and gray than you should really have a picture to remember it by. You can keep a copy of even the bad photos in a box in storage but someday you may want to go through them all, remember who was there, the things that happened and what you did that day. It is the most important day of your life, you are going to want as many memories as possible and you never know ahead of time which ones will be the best or the most important, so it’s important to organise your wedding photography.

You will also want to remember sitting there with your friends at that moment, both nervous and excited. Even photos of the two of you and the wedding party getting ready can be great because, while you don’t look quite as good just yet, a lot of bonding and important conversation goes on during the process of getting ready. It is always best to have the option to remember everything and then pick out was most important to you later. How you feel right before your wedding or while getting into the limo is a memory too. How anxious you were to be married finally and how nervous you were to walk down the aisle, all eyes on the bride is important. When it comes to posed shots, it is best to get some of both the bride and the groom before the wedding. Photos of what lead up to the moment you got married are just as important. You will want to remember when you just got dressed, hair and make-up finally finished, looking your best. The rest of the posed shots will be of you married with your family, the two of you together in a pretty place to photograph. Take a lot of shots with his family, then yours and mix it up plus a shot of everyone together. Memories happen in a second, but you can have them forever.

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