What to Look For In Asian Wedding Photography

There are many photographers who specialize in Asian style wedding photos. Indian photographers seem to be the most associated with the subject. A lot of traditional Asian weddings are elaborate, colorful and have unique and beautiful traditions that are specific to the region. When talking about Asian wedding photography, Indian weddings are definitely the most prevalently found and shown. Many people want a photographer who is familiar with all of the traditions and the spirit of the event.

Asian weddings are very flashy and exciting. The bride is traditionally dressed in a dress adorned with gold and other bright and vibrant colors. Some ceremonies have the couple come to the alter on an elephant. All of the decorations and guests are done up in all different colors and the ceremonies can last for up to 4 days as well. A lot about Indian weddings are very different from all of the American traditions. They have their heritage and traditions displayed everywhere and each tradition has its own purpose and symbolism. One tradition is to wash both the bride’s feet and the groom’s feet in milk water in order to purify them as they enter a new stage in their life, not as one but as two. The wedding often calls upon ancient lovers and Gods who are said to bring the couple happiness and understanding of married life. There is a rich and overwhelming celebratory vibe about the reception after the wedding itself. Everyone is laughing and having a great time while the music plays and everyone has a days long party.

So what to expect from the photographer on your wedding day? Having someone there to photograph all of the important moments means having a photographer that you know is very good at what they do. It also means that it helps to know what parts are the most important and what poses are traditional in wedding photos. Knowing about the culture and their wedding traditions helps the photographer to get a real sense of what is important and how best to do his job. Getting close up shots of the feet of the bride and groom is, for example, a good thing to do as their feet are traditionally adorned with henna tattooing that is symbolic and important. Things like this are always good to know. There are some very successful Asian wedding photographers in England actually, as well as all over the world. What they all have in common is an understanding of what they want and need and what has some kind of real significance in the ceremony and the reception.

If you are having a traditional or semi traditional Asian wedding than you will want a photographer with a good grasp on your culture and your traditions. Keeping your heritage alive on the most important and happiest day of your life is very important to a lot of people. Having the right photographer there who knows the traditions just as well as you do is a great thought. They will be able to properly capture the occasion.

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